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Pearl millet is organic superfood, gluten free cereal so all those who are wheat allergic Pearl Millet is a great option or substitution for all your hunger pangs.  Rajasthan is the top producer of Bajra, as this unique crop usually cultivated during summers can withstand harsh climate, drought, low soil fertility and can yield good harvest even in the lands with low salinity and higher pH. Though Bajra has been a culinary staple for thousands of years, it became greatly popular in the recent years, owing to its high nutritional value. 

Organic Hub is providing this gluten free cereal as Organic Superfood in Dubai and all other emirates in UAE


Bajra is high in fibre therefore helps in weight loss. The protein content in bajra is gluten free, making it a good change from the gluten heavy daily meals we consume. Bajra is a rich source of insoluble fibre, which works as a pre-biotic in our gut, helping keep our digestive health in top form. Insoluble fibre also helps prevent overeating by adding bulk to the meals, leading to early satiety. Insoluble fibre is also vital for proper bowel cleansing and preventing constipation.

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