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This amazing honey for KIDS has been collected by the bees from the pure, natural goodness of the South Island of New Zealand. Clover honey has a sweet, flowery flavor and a pleasing mild taste. Clover is a summer flower, producing a pale, golden honey with fudge-like characteristics.
Benefits of Consuming White Clover Honey:
  • This is the perfect honey for KIDS as it has all the goodness they need for development
  • Supports Human Health  reduce
  • Beauty Therapy: due to the high amount of minerals and special versatility and viscosity.
  • Blood Sugar regulation
  • Minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulphates and silica.
  • Acids: gluconic, citric, malic, cyccinic, formic, lactic, pyroglutamic and amino.
Recommended dosage:
Use daily, one teaspoon in the morning and night to maintain good health.
Not suitable for children below 12 months.
Pack Size available:
250 gms Jar, 500 gms Jar

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