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A flavourful and beneficial spice,Organic coriander whole plays a major role while making lip- smacking gravies and curries. Coriander seeds are round and tannish brown. They have a sweet lemony smell and are thus used for flavouring and garnishing food.

Coriander Coriandrum sativumis an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is also known as Chinese parsley, dhania,  kothmir, or cilantro All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are both an herb and spice is the part most traditionally used in cooking. Most people perceive coriander as having a tart, lemon and lime taste, but to nearly a quarter of those surveyed, the leaves taste like dish soap, linked to a gene that detects some specific aldehydes are also used as odorant substances in many soaps and detergents.

Preparation Information:

Apart from cooking, it is also good for health due to its several health benefits. Simple Preparation ingredients for Organic Sambhar Masala 10 dry red chili, broken into pieces 1tsp split Bengal gram 1tsp cumin seeds 1tsp fenugreek 1tsp of black peppercorn 1/4cup coriander seeds 1taps cloves, 3 pieces of black cardamom Small pieces Cinnamon stick 1tsp mustard,1tsp turmeric powder combine all the ingredients in a small nonstick pan and dry roast on a medium flame for 3 minutes, stir continuously, and transfer into a plate and allow the mixture to cool completely. once cooled blend in a mixer to make a smooth powder. And the sambhar in an airtight container

Nutritional Facts:

Serving Size 100g Amount Per Serving Calories 298 % Daily Value Total Fat 18g 27% Saturated Fat 1g 5% Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 35mg 1% Total Carbohydrate 55g 18% Dietary Fiber 42g 0% Sugar 0g Protein 12g vitamin A 0mg 0% Calcium 70% Iron 90% Potassium 1267mg 36% The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day are used for general.


The Organic coriander whole gives out a warm aroma apart from promoting heart health,lowering sugar levels and enhancing digestion.It is full of nutrients and many dietary fibres and vitamins too.In household medicines,it is used against seasonal fever, stomach disorders, and nausea.

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